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Fiber Blending

  • Fiber Blending different colors

  • farm blend (natural)

  • dyed

  • Blending dissimilar fibers

  • silk (tussah and bombyx)

  • merino (natural and dyed)

  • tencel

  • bamboo

  • nylon

  • flash

  • hemp

  • firestar

  • buffalo, camel, angora, etc.

  • Blending at different stages in the process

  • picker

  • carder

  • drafter

  • spinner

  • plyer

Here's an example of carder blending.

Carder Fiber Blending

Going into the carder . . .

Carder Fiber Blending

. . . . and coming out as batting

Morning Star Fiber carries a full line of blending fibers from Ashland Bay and Foxglove. These are perfect for designing your custom blended yarns. Each blending fiber has unique properties that help you target specific markets. Contact Karen or JC for ideas on how to maximize the value of your fiber and your end product. Our fiber blending research places us at the leading edge of the custom fiber processing industry.


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