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Fiber Dehairing

  • Fiber Dehairing is very advantageous for animals with dual coated fleeces like Icelandic or Qiviut. Some refer to the more coarse fiber as guard hair. Even Alpaca fiber can benefit from dehairing. This process separates the coarse fiber from the softer fiber.
  • While not a substitute for proper skirting, it can also provide a certain amount of vegetation removal.
  • It will add so much softness to your end product when using the downy-like fiber or thel for further fiber processing.
  • Thel makes exquisitely soft yarn perfect for next-to-the-skin wear.
  • Thel also felts beautifully. We offer a two layer "reversible" felting process.
  • Tog spins into strong warp yarns.
  • Felts produced from the tog make wonderful rugs or outerwear.

We certainly don't require that you use our fiber dehairing process, but we highly recommend it.

An often over-looked step in fiber processing is Fiber Dehairing

Here's Karen running some Icelandic wool through the Fiber Dehairer.


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