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Fiber Felting

  • Fiber wet felting charges are in addition to the cost of picking and carding into the batts required to make the felt. These charges are assessed at the end of the felting process when the exact number of sheets are known.
  • Felt can be processed in sheets of 3'x4' or 4'x4' with a subtle diamond pattern.
  • sheet of thickness varies with the weight that you specify.
  • Felting from 1lb. to 3lbs. batts is offered.
  • Felting also makes great mulch for landscaping.
  • We love to specialize in artistic addition of second color rovings in patterns. Ask JC for details.

Fiber Felting machine

Here's the machine we use for fiber felting

Decorative Felts

Here's some examples of decorative felt rugs

Alpaca Felt Vests

Here's some felts made for Jody Hezouky of Lana Bella Alpaca Farm that she used to make felt vests.


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