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Processing Fiber for the first time

This page is intended as a step by step tutorial for the first-timer in getting their fiber processed.

The first consideration is understanding your options for processing your fiber. To a large extent, this will depend upon what intent you have for the product once you receive it. Is it for personal use? Do you intend to sell it to others personally such as at fiber shows? Do you intend to sell it through an intermediary such as a yarn shop? If you are marketing it directly or indirectly, what are your customers wanting? It cannot be understated how important proper fiber harvesting (beginning at shearing) can be. Any lapse of quality control in this process will result in inferior product. Please refer to this Fibre Harvesting Code of Practice from Alpaca Canada.

Morning Star Fiber can help process your fiber into the product you're looking for.

Here are some of the options of products that we can help you with:

Discuss with us further customization for greater artistic appeal.

Getting your fiber ready to send to us.

  • Examine the staple (individual fiber) length. Processing to yarn requires a minimum staple length of 3". A percentage of 2-3" fiber can be tolerated for other kinds of processing. A consistent staple length results in a consistent end product.
  • Make sure your fiber is properly skirted.
  • For enhanced product quality and yield, consider having your fiber Certified Sorted™.
  • Place your fiber in a plastic bag with the neck loosely twisted allowing it to "breathe".
  • Place bagged fleece in a cardboard box with less than 108 inches girth.
  • View the pricing guide and choose desired processing.
  • Call Morning Star Fiber and discuss your custom processing requirements.
  • Send fleece parcel post via US Postal Service, or other carrier of your choice.

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