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About Icelandic Sheep

(check out our new website identifying the color and marking variations of Icelandic Sheep here.)

  • A quadruple purpose breed: Meat/Milk/Fiber/Pelts

  • Gourmet light flavored meats

  • Versatile, soft, lustrous, dual coated fleece

  • Reliable twinners, excellent fertility

  • Thrive on excellent grass and high protein hay alone

  • Many natural color and pattern combinations

  • Medium size, early maturity/long lived

  • Finish on good pasture alone in 4 to 5 months (no grain needed)

  • Naturally short tails; no need to tail dock

  • Excellent mothers, known for pasture lambing; vigorous lambs

  • High value products fill niche markets

  • Icelandic Fiber Processing   Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America


    Here's a fact sheet from ISBONA about Icelandic Sheep.

    Morning Star Fiber specializes in processing Icelandic Sheep fiber.


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