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Custom Fiber Processing Pricing

We will be increasing our prices in January.

To assist in understanding our pricing, our packages list the end product, including all services provided in that processing, followed by the price for the total package. We wash all incoming orders to ensure quality care of our milling machinery and the end quality of your product. All prices are based on incoming weight unless otherwise noted. A short wash is available for fiber that has already been scoured (Please place note in the comments area if so desired).

All fleeces must be heavily skirted, removing all belly wool, dung tags, vegetation, etc. Fleeces arriving without proper skirting will be sent back at the owner's expense. Please refer to this Fiber Harvest Code of Practice document.

Dehairing adds considerable value to your products, and we highly recommend it! You will appreciate the added softness and warmth this process brings to your fiber. Also, the by-products can be felted if you desire.

If you are a high volume fiber producer of alpaca, llama, or icelandic, we have large order batch pricing available.

We've designed an interactive worksheet to allow for improved communication between us and you in receiving fleeces. This worksheet allows you to approximate your cost for processing. To properly use this worksheet scripting must be enabled on your browser. Using this worksheet will allow you to know how much payment to send along with your shipment (all processing is paid for up front). Use the "Print this Form" button and a printable page will pop up that should be printed and placed in each bag of fleece (and you can print or copy an extra one for your records if you would like). When your fleece and printed forms arrive here, we will send you an estimate and wait for any additional payment that may be necessary. Please be sure and fill in the contact information (phone, email, address, etc). Thank you for allowing us to serve you in this way.



< Select your breed

< Enter your fleece weight at shipment in X.XX lbs.

< Enter your Fiber grade

Select the operations you need below.

(Remember that ounces must be converted to decimal portion of a pound. For Instance, 3 lbs. 7 oz. = 3.4375 lbs.  Each ounce = .0625 lbs.)

 Operation Cost  Operation  Comments:



Clean Run

 Setup Charge

If unchecked, your fiber will run directly behind someone else's fiber without the equipment being cleaned which may result in a small amount of the previous run mixed in with yours. Reflects cost of additional labor for cleaning.
Washing/Picking (Required in all cases and some breeds require double washing and picking)
Dehairing Removes vegetation/short cuts/guard hairs.
Select the carding process you desire.

Approx. Yds./Lb.




Select the spinning and plying you desire. (includes drafting, spinning, plying, and cone winding) (Skeins fulled and wound are also available for an additional $1.50 per skein) (Lopi in skeins only) (We target Yds/Lb. rather than WPI, which will vary depending on micron count)
Select the felting you desire. (number of  sheets approximated @ $ a sheet)
Select the blending process you desire.


Estimated Total Charge

Estimated Cost/Lb.

(Less Tax, Finishing, and Shipping)

Name                                                Phone

Address       Animal Name     Animal Color

City         State           Zip Code

Email Address

Special Instructions or Comments:


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