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RUG YARN: A Great Option For 2nds & Winter Sheep Fleeces!

Morning Star Fiber now offers Rug Yarn at a low cost to you. This yarn utilizes a twine core and can be made out of your fiber seconds or any fiber that is 2" to 8" in length. This is excellent news for Suri Alpaca owners. Rug Yarn can be made from most any kind of fiber there are just a few requirements that we've noticed are important to keep losses at the carder to a minimum. While leg, belly and neck CAN work you'll need to keep the following things in mind when you're evaluating your fleeces for rug yarn: staple length of at least 2 inches, free of medium to large sized vegetable matter, tumbled to remove dust, the more crimp in the fiber the less loss, and finally areas of heavy guard hair will always tend to fall out in carding and work out of the rug product so it's best to remove them in advance.

Our rug yarn bumps are 150 yards long and weigh approximately 55 ounces. One rug yarn bump can make a 3' x 5' rug depending on how hard it is packed together. It takes about 3 pounds of washed fiber to make 1 rug bump. When sending in multiple colors to be made into Rug Yarn, please note on the card if you are looking for variegated bumps or solid color bumps. Rug Yarn batches can have up to 4 colors per single batch. Our Rug Yarn is wrapped around a bailer twine core and can be woven or crocheted to make rugs. Other types of core can be used if provided by the customer as long as they are durable and the right size.

Here's a picture of Miss Chestnut putting the finishing touches on a rug woven on an Ashford rigid heddle loom at a recent Rug Weaving class at our mill. The thick rug yarn makes a plush rug that you'll love to sink your toes into.

Rug yarn on the loom

Take a look at the variety of rug yarns in these bumps that we can process for you.

Rug Yarn Bumps

For pricing on rug yarn visit our pricing page.

Contact JC today to find out how you can take advantage of this new service.


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