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Fiber Spinning

  • Fiber spinning is accomplished on our 8-spindle spinning frames that can be used for spinning singles and for twisting ply.
  • These Spinners are very sophisticated machines giving us the control over Twist per inch, Thickness of yarn and Rate of production.  When these options are selected, the relationships are synchronized electronically for consistent quality while maintaining production speed.
  • The variables, staple Length, fiber type Blend percentages, Micron count, Yarn count, Draft, Twist and spindle Speed, must all be considered in designing the structure of the yarn to be produced.  Within the limits of the machinery, it's the product that determines the volume of production.
  • Our spinning strategy is to control yards per ounce. Further specifying loosely or tightly spun yarn impacts the wraps per inch.

Fiber Spinning is a key step in producing yarn

Here's our 8 spindle fiber spinning machine.

The following publication, "Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting" compiled by The Craft Yarn Council of America provides good information about yarn sizes.


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